RBC5.7 (10^6/uL) HGB10.4g/dL HCT33.1% MCV58.1fL MCH18.2pg MCHC31.4g/dL RDW16.8% Ferritin21ug/L Iron8.7umol/L Tranferrin3g/L Saturation11.7% IDA? Thal?

Sounds like it. sounds like thalassemia, and it is likely if you have it in your family. you need to get special lab work by your PCP or a hematologist to accurately diagnose your condition.
Anemia. These results indicate a microcytic hypochromic anemia probably related to iron deficiency but with abnormal shapes suggestion a hemoglobin abnormality such as Thalissemia! Hope this helps Dr Z.