My left tonsil has been swollen for 6 days ive been taking penicillin past 24 hrs how long before the tonsil returns to normal? Btw its not causing any obstruction but theres a white spot next to it

Tonsillitits. It may take days to even a week before the tonsil returns to normal. Keep taking the antibiotic as prescribed and be sure to eat soft foods that do not aggravate the tonsil, that would make it more likely to stay swollen. Best wishes.
Take time to heal. It may take a while before the swelling of your tonsil is completely resolved. In addition to taking the Penicillin, gargling with warm salt water 4 times a day, and taking ibuprofen (Advil) may help. If you get worse or do not improve within the next 3 days, you should see a healthcare provider again. The bacteria causing the tonsil to swell could be resistant to Penicillin.
Did you test +. It would be nice to know if you tested positive for the Strep bacteria. If so, then it may take several days, if not longer, for the inflammatory changes to mostly resolve, but you should be getting better. If you were not tested or tested negative for Strep, it's possible that this is related to a non-Strep bacteria or a virus that won't respond to penicillin and just take time to resolve.