What are the tests for sepsis?

Clinical diagnosis. Sepsis is a clinical diagnosis - there is no lab test for sepsis. Lab tests are used to assist in the diagnosis of sepsis. Look at the SOFA score to see how clinical information is put together to determine if someone has sepsis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOFA_score The SOFA score uses vital signs, physical exam, and lab tests to help determine if someone has sepsis.
Many. Complete blood count with platelets, complete metabolic panel, arterial lactate, arterial blood gas, scvo2, procalcitonin, pt/ptt/inr... Repeat lactate measurements to help evaluate the success of the restoration of circulation, etc.

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What antibiotic is effective in treating abd infection in 2nd trimester? Flagyl and amoxicillin good choice? What blood tests rule out sepsis?

Depends. On the infection. Metronidazole cannot be used in the first trimester. It would be up to your doctor to prescribe an antibiotic for the infection. A blood culture can rule out sepsis. See your doctor for the abdominal cramping you are having for a diagnosis. Do not self treat with left over antibiotic especially when pregnant. Read more...