I have twitching in eyelids of both my eyes. Mainly lower eyelid but when I rub my eyes, even the upper eyelid twitches. Is this just dry eyes or more?

Twitching=IRRITATION. Muscles that twitch are telling us that for SOME REASON they feel irritated. That could be from excessive fatigue, from metabolic disturbances, from side effects to medications, from electrolyte imbalances, from lack of certain nutritional elements in the diet, from medical conditions that AFFECT muscles in general.....so many different causes. Impossible to tell whether rubbing does it or not.

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My left upper eyelid twitches all the time. I get plenty of sleep and use eye drops. What can I do?

3 things. You probably have benign eyelid myokymia which is hyperexcitable muscles in the eyelid. Triggers include lack of sleep, stress, and too much caffeine so avoidance of these triggers may help. Usually this condition improves on it's own but if it doesn't you may be a candidate for Botox injections. Read more...

Can dry eye syndrome cause eyelid twitches?

Dry eye twitching. A common cause of eyelid or eye twitching is dry eye. A trial of artificial tears +/- omega 3 vitamins often relieves the symptoms. More serious causes of eyelid twitching should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist if the symptoms do not resolve with tears. http://fleye.com/store/artificial-tears/retaine-mgd.html. Read more...