What are the tests for peripheral vascular disease?

Begin with. Ankle brachial indices or segmental pressures to see if there is a problem. If these are positive cta of aorta and leg vessels should be performed. Conventional angiography used less often for diagnosis nowadays. See radiologyinfo.Org.
Test pad . The simplest test is a physical exam checking for pulses and capillary filling . A doppler ultrasound is the best non invasive test that can give information about the severity snc location of vascular disease. A ct or MRI angiogram are the next more detailed studies, and an invasive arteriography is the gold standard but obviously involved puncturing thd vessel and injecting dye, .
Numerous. A useful tool in assessing the peripheral vasculature is the ankle-brachial index (abi). Another test that the physician can use is segmental plethysmography. Here, a blood pressure cuff is inflated at various points along the arms or legs to measure systolic blood pressures. The cuffs are attached to a pulse volume recorder (plethysmograph).