Numbness hands, feet, legs, arm off and on for months, sometimes skin is almost painful after shower, black whole in vision once, neg brain mri, ?

Seen Doctor lately? Your symptoms would be best evaluated by a physician expert in neuropathies such as a neurologist. You will require testing for metabolic types of disorders especially since your brain MR is negative. I'm not sure what the Black Hole in your vision refers to unless you also had a headache you didn't mention.
NMO. Neuromyelitis optica. Like MS but Negative MRI brain. CNS demyelination of the spinal cord and optic nerve. See a neurologist and ask about this. There is a blood test and other aspects of work up than may have been overlooked (Visual Evoked Potentials)
Metabolic. That is great that you had a negative brain MRI. Have you been evaluated by a neurologist. If nothing is wrong with your brain, perhaps the problem is metabolic. There are numerous metabolic disorders that could be the cause of your symptoms. The black hole in your vision could be part of a migraine syndrome. For more information see: http://understandingmigraine.

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Right hand/arm, right foot/leg getting skinnier but no noticeable weakness. Neurologist doesn't say much. What could this be. Clear brain mri?

Spine or muscles. Hard to say. Spinal conditions and myopathies can cause wasting as they are lower motor neuron problems. If you don't get the answer from your neurologist get a 2nd opinion. Sounds like you need an mr of your spine and nerv studies/ emgs. Read more...