What are the tests for cataract?

Cataract tests. If best vision is worse than 20/40 or glare (BAT: brightness acuity test) is significantly affecting VA, most surgeons prefer to do surgery soon but depends on pt's sx, pt's risk factors, pt's preferences; Other tests help determine significance of cataract if need: PAM Potential Acuity meter; OCT, ECC, Pentacam, Tear OSM; More info: eyedoc2020.blogspot. Com.
Simple. Measurement of the vision in the best corrected state will discover quantitative vision loss from cataracts! Measurement of glare disturbance will assess the qualitative disturbance! One or both may be indicators for cataract surgery! A comprehensive exam by your eyemd will confirm the need, risks and expected benefits of cataract surgery in your particular case!
Acuity, obsservation. When a cataract is suspected, the acuity of vision is usually down and the eye is examined by the ophthalmologist to see if that is the only cause. If the eye is otherwise normal, then cataract is likely. The ophthalmologist can observe the lense through the dilated pupil and usually makes the diagnosis. There are glare tests which can add to the diagnosis.
Examination. Visual acuity, Slit lamp examination (eye microscope), Glare, history.
Cataract. An ophthalmologist will look at the eyes with an instrument called a slit lamp which magnifies the front of the eye and allows observation of a cataract.

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What are the tests for congenital cataract?

Direct exam. The only way is to actually look into the child's eye when dilated. Usually it's pretty obvious since you get a white reflex instead of a red one. If the eye doc is not sure, the exam can be done under general anesthesia.
Congenital cataracts. Congenital cataracts: cause 5%-20% of blindness in children worldwide. Incidence varies from country to country. Prevalence of infantile cataracts in the US: 3-4 visually significant cataracts per 10, 000 live births. Test: microscope exam by eyeMD; More info: eyedoc2020 blogspot com.

What are some of the tests for Cataract?

The tests for Cataract include: Fundoscopic exam, Slit lamp exam, Ocular tonometer.
Cataract tests. A microscope called a Slit lamp allows the eye surgeon to see if you have a cataract. A machine called a Pentacam has an objective measure called the PNS you could ask your eyeMD to tell you about: it gives an objective measure of cataract density when able to be measured.

What are the tests involved for someone cataracts and glaucoma?

Eye Exam. I full eye exam would suggest if you have glaucoma or cataracts. Evaluation of your lens, intraocular pressure and optic nerve would all be done in a standard exam. If glaucoma is suspected after examining pressures and nerves, more testing may be warranted such as visual field testing, oct testing and pacchymetry.
Vision. Vision, refraction, pressure, pam (potential acuity meter), oct, visual field.