What can cause right side flank pain but no ovaries or appendix. Don't have a kidney stone or kidney infection?

Here are some. .. Right flank pain warns you either something is irritating your local tissues or organs or some disorders in muscles, joints, or nerves along the course of spinal nerve to right flank region. To sort these things out is not that difficulty by systemically analyzing the onset, degree, duration, interval, evolution, & progress of the pain and its possible related Sx over time + conducting physicals.

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What can cause moderate flank pain besides kidney stones and kidney infection?

Many things. There are other organs how long the flank the size of kidney including on the left side the spleen on both sides the colon, you have a liver there, the pancreas, and other things. These are things you should discuss with your physician.

Sharp burning right side flank pain no kidney infection or stone no ovaries or appendix please name specifc possibilities that could be wrong?

Flank pain. Hi, muscle spasm, Rib pain, inflammation of membrane around the lung, lung inflammation, Radiculitis, injury to the costovertebral junctions and Retroperitoneal fibrosis are some possibilities amine others.

Sharp right flank pain but no back pain no ovaries or appendix not kidney stone or infection so what are other possibilities? Pain keeps me up at nigh

See answer. Based on the exclusions in your question and assuming kidney problem has been ruled out by urinalysis and CT scan, most likely cause of your rt-sided flank pain is a neuromusculoskeletal problem: back muscle strain/sprain; radiculitis affecting the lower thoracic/upper lumbar nerve roots; pre-skin eruption shingles (herpes zoster); or rib fracture. Other possible causes: lung, liver, gall bladder.

I've been on cipro (ciprofloxacin) for 3 days for left kidney infection I'm still having a lot of left flank pain especially to touch, was told I passed a stone also?

Maybe, and may not. Analyzing the onset, degree, duration, and interval of flank pain plus physicals with or without imaging study can almost always confidently deduce a DX of stone/colic, uti, or mucsle pain, although flank pain has been oftentimes manged with antibiotics by some. If really for kidney infection, the duration of antibiotics would be 2 weeks at least; for bladder, 3 days. Detail? Ask doc timely.

Diagnosed with kidney stones! Flank pain. Is it possible to have this going on without infection?

Yes. Kidney stones are often a result of calcium oxalate precipitating out inside the kidney; this happens independent of infection. There are others that are associated with infection, called struvite stones, but these are a minor population.
Yes. If one of your kidneys stones moves into the ureter (the tube connecting the kidney to the bladder) it can cause flank pain. This is what is commonly referred to as passing a kidney stone.