What are the tests for migraine headaches?

Primarily History. Migraine can generally be diagnosed from history. Some historical factors may signal the need for more extensive testing such as ct, MRI or eeg.
It is a clinical Dx. Migraine is a DX made by knowledgable clinician that takes a very careful history and physical exam. Test or consults needed to rule out anemia, thyroid, sinus, dental, eye problems, brain masses, neuralgias, food reax. If no cause is found, then DX is primary migraine, in which all tests r negative. There are excellent treatments for migraine, so work w neuro till best rx or prevention found.
No specific tests. There are no diagnostic tests for migraine headaches. Migraine is a syndrome for which there is a genetic predisposition. Migraine headaches tend to occur in genetically predisposed individuals during times that the individual is more vulnerable and in response to specific triggers. For more information see: http://understandingmigraine.blogspot.com/