Any blood test for gallstone?

Indirectly. Most people with gallbladder disease will not have any lab abnormalities. However, some of the complications of gallbladder disease may be detected by blood tests. These include common bile duct stones which can block the liver and cause liver enzyme elevation, pancreatitis which will elevate the amylase and lipase in the blood, and acute cholecystitis which may elevate the white blood cell ct.
Yes, but.. . Yes, but they are not very sensitive. Blood tests may show high white blood cell counts if the gall stones have caused an infection. If there is a lot of pressure backing up to the liver, tests for enzymes called GGT or alkaline phosphatase and for bilirubin may be abnormal. An ultrasound is usually the best test to see gall stones.

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Episodes of pain on rght side, under ribs/above naval since dec. First blood test showed CRP 113 ALT 340 2nd blood test ALT 120 ngtve hepatitis usliver normal, found gallstones rpt blood test, causes?

Biliary colic. Must likely it is due the gallstones. Also the liver enzymes elevation so. Cholecystectomy or remove of gallbladderis is rrecommended.
Gallstones. If you have gallstones on ultrasound then your RUQ pain is most likely symptoms of your gallstones. The elevated CRP suggests inflammation and the alk phos suggests some type of biliary obstruction. I suggest you see a surgeon in your area to discuss options. Please take a copy of your ultrasound and labs.

I have ALT of 115 and I have a 22 mm gall stone. This blood test was done now when I have flu. Ultrasound showed mild fatty liver. Is it serious?

Potentially. Fatty liver can be due to liver damage from hepatitis, excess alcohol intake or metabolic syndrome. Either way your liver is under stress since your ALT is elevated. Seek advice from your primary care, or a gastroenterologist. They can guide you toward the best treatment. Thanks for trusting HealthTap!

Have pain in upper abdomen, pain when touched, had xray showed nothing. Blood test on pancreas came back normal. Any thing you could tell? E? Lease

Abdominal pain. Pain in this location could include liver pathology, gall bladder disease gastritis, ulcer a few common things, need to see physician and take required steps to make diagnosis.

I had a negative pregnancy blood test, on my upper abdomen by my belly button I feel like if a baby was kicking, 5months without a period.

If your test is - you are not pregnant. I hope this is good news. You have not asked a question: what do you want to know?
Amenorrhea. Hi, please see a Gynecologist for a pelvic exam and Ultrasound, you could have a cyst.

22yr oldmale softyellowstools, upper abdomen/back pain, itching - blood test ultrasound, hidascan, all normal, fear of pancreascancer, anxiety??

Test for hepatitis. Pancreatic cancer is pretty rare in a 22 yr old. Hepatits, though, is pretty common and itching is often prominent. It may not show up on the first test. Keep seeing your provider, who is obviously doing all the right things. You should avoid all drugs, alcohol, and medications until this is sorted out.