Should I get amnio to have fetus tested for turner syndrome?

Easier ways to tell. While ultrasound can give some hopeful results, you can get a definitive analysis by doing the NIPP.This test was developed early on to verify paternity, but it uses fetal cells that can be found in mother's blood as early as 8 weeks.These can be used for a full chromosome assessment including Turner syndrome.
No. Unless ultrasound show suspicion or you are mosaic turners or have family history.

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What causes turner syndrome, noonan syndrome, & the rare klippel-fell syndrome? What happens during fetal development that causes these conditions?

A genetic accident. During formation of the egg or sperm can leave out an x chromosome in either one. A fetus whose genetic make-up includes the germ cell missing a chr. X has turner syndrome. One of 8 different genetic mutations is passed on to a fetus by 1 parent or happens spontaneously to cause noonan syndrome. 2 related genetic mutations are passed on to the fetus by 1 parent to cause klippel-feil syndrome. Read more...