Can dehydration affect a liver function test result? How do I know if my results are reliable??

No. Liver function tests are really affected by dehydration. Blododwork nowadays are pretty reliable. If they're off by a little bit, you can wait for a week or two and repeat them. But if they're off by 50% or more, you need to have that looked into right away especially if you are having any pain in the right upper abdomen or any stomach upset, nausea, etc.
LFT's. Several things can affect your LFT levels. Alcohol use, certain medications, viral infections such as hepatitis or Mono. The important thing is that if you are getting an abnormal result you repeat the test in about a week and let you Dr. know about any medications or supplements you are taking.

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Just got borderline liver function test result, I'm normal weight don't drink, and looking online is freaking me out with hepititis, what could b?

Get it worked up. Often something as simple as a mild allergy to ibuprofen can do this. Your physician can figure out the cause. If your're free of hepatitis B and C, hemochromatosis, autoimmune hepatitis, and antitrypsin deficiency, you may have one of the genetic fatty liver syndromes. They're not that problematic. While you're waiting, hit the aerobic fitness circuit hard -- your liver will be grateful. Read more...

Sir, my liver function test result shows that my bilirubin is 1.9 and sgpt 27, sgot 29 into weight traning but not gaining weight. Current wgt 60.

Your liver function . Are basically normal, but you probably have Gilbert's syndrome which is harmless but elevates bilirubin. It is not the cause of not gaining weight. I assume your other bloodwork is all normal? Then it is a matter of needing more calories in than you burn . Keep a log of what you eat and your activities then you will know where to start adding your extra foods. Read more...

I am diabetic. My lab test result show total bilirubin of 1.55 mg/dL direct bilirubin 0.44 and indirect bilirubin 1.11, other liver function test is n?

Sometimes it is norm. Mild elevation of bilirubin in the presence of normal liver enzymes is not uncommon. It is an inborn mild defect which has no consequences. If you feel well, there is nothing further to be done. Note any previous Liver function tests and also watch it in future. Once, confirmed you can ignore it in the future. Read more...