My feet have been going numb; can this be from my spinal stenosis?

Yes. Yes it may be due to your stenosis, but other problems can cause foot numbness. Another common cause is peripheral neuropathy, a condition of the small feeling nerves in your feet. There are many causes of neuropathy; perhaps the most common is diabetes.
Yes. Spinal stenosis can put pressure on nerves, which can result in numbness and pain. It would be worth checking your situation with a doctor, as other things can cause this symptom as well.
Check for neuropathy. If numbness is only in both feet without back pain radiating to the feet, then it is more likely that there could be disease of nerves in feet. ( peripheral neuropathy).
Yes. Spinal stenosis numbness tends to worsen with straightening of the spine (i.e. Standing, walking) and improve with spinal flexion (i.e. Bending forward, fetal position, sitting slouched). If your symptoms are bothersome enough, your primary care provider can help evaluate.

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Could spinal stenosis or scar tissue be a cause for post L5 s-1 fusion patient to have numbness and tingling in feet then to buttocks and groin.?

Yes. Spinal stenosis can lead to these symptoms and postoperative spinal changes can as well whether related to "scar tissue" or not. This causes symptoms from buttocks down to feet. If symptoms are going up leg from feet it may be a neuropathy or related to nerve changes in leg rather than in spine. You can have this evaluated and an emg/ncv or nerve test may help to distinguish source. Read more...
Yes. Please see your doctor who performed the surgery. Read more...