On75mcg synthroid (thyroxine).Y TSH levels of 4.57 (fT41.2) after a 3-4 wk chemical pregnancy hv reduced to 0.25 wit free T4 1.8.Did test 8 days after miscarryin?

Hypothyroid. If I read your statement correctly, and I'm not sure I do, you are still hypothyroid and need to stay on the higher dose. Your numbers are somewhat confusing, but with your TSH still elevated at 4.57 on 75 mcg of Synthyroid you are not corrected and should not go down despite whatever the free T4 level is. In fact if you were my patient I would have increased your dose.
Not sure of question. Due to a typo, I'm not sure what "reduced to 0.25". All other values provided seem to be in normal range. Testing on any specific day after turbulent hormonal situation of miscarriage would be difficult to interpret. Wait some more time, monitor symptoms, and work with you physician to interpret/explain follow-up thyroid testing in 2-4 weeks. Best wishes:)

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Had chemical pregnancy of 4 wks & TSH levels nw are 0.25 & free T4 1.8.My doc dnt want 2 reduce Synthroid (thyroxine) dose (75mcg) n want 2 check in 4 wks. Normal?

Yes. Hormonal changes associated with your circumstances alter thyroid function tests and your doctor is correct in waiting to repeat the studies before changing the drug dosage. Please follow the doctor's advice. Read more...