What are tests for typhoid fever?

Blood culture. The best way to diagnose typhoid (after asking the right questions and clinical suspicion!) is to culture blood, stool, or sometimes even bone marrow. The older "widal test" (demonstrating anti-somatic and anti-flagellar antibodies in blood) is unreliable, but often used in the developing world due to its low cost. There are newer antigen/antibody tests becoming available.
BloodStoolCultures& Most common test is Blood,Stool&urine culture and some times Bone Marrow Culture which is the most sensitive test Other tests which can &sometimes are used like test to detect antibodies to Typhoid Bacteria or a test which checks for Typhoid DNA in your blood Widal test a presumptive serological test for Typhoid Fever.The test is not that reliable as it can be affected by past history&Vaccination.