Anyone have seizures but tests for epilepsy show up normal?

Yes. The eeg maybe normal even with clinical seizures. Your neurologist may suggest a prolonged eeg with video monitoring.
Quite common. It is quite common for people who have a small number of seizures to test normally- with respect to blood tests, EEG, MRI of the brain- this happens up to 50% of the time.

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5 years ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy after 1 seizure (in a stressful situation) with an EEG test (+normal MRI results).could it be wrong/sth else?

My response. First, epilepsy means more than one seizure, and you had a solitary event. Second, the diagnosis was probably correct, and your EEG likely showed abnormal findings c/w a risk for further events. But if you have been stable for 5 yrs, seems worthwhile to repeat EEG, if you are on medicines and see if you could taper off. Discuss with local neurologist. Read more...