I think I had an ovarian cyst rupture yesterday. Tonight I had bright red blood. I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago. Is blood normal?

Further eval. See a Physician asap. You need further studies and workup. Could be dangerous.
No. you should not be having any bleeding vaginally if you had a hysterectomy 2 years ago. We do not know the reason for the hysterectomy, but there is not a passage between the ovary and the vagina anymore for blood to pass even if you had a burst cyst. You need to have this evaluated.

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51 yr old female had a hysterectomy but have both ovaries. Have an ovarian cyst 4.2cm blood results FSH 19.6 LH 11.7 oestradiol 74 progetorone. 8?

Cyst. Cyst on ovary may be a type that goes away on its own - a functional cyst - or a benign growth that will need surgery to remove. Seeing what the cyst does over the next few months will show which it is. The blood tests show you are getting near to menopause but not there yet. Read more...

I had an ovarian cyst rupture yesterday and now feel dizzy. Could it be excess blood loss from the rupture 24+ hrs ago? Or ok to wait it out?

Monitor close. Signs of excess blood loss would be a rapid heart rate and dizziness when you stand up. However, you can also get these symptoms if you are dehydrated. Drink a lot of water or electrolyte fluid and see if your symptoms get better. However, if you have worsening belly pain and swollen belly you should be seen right away. Read more...