What are tests for ulcerative colitis?

Ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis can be relatively easy to diagnose because it normally affects only the colon and rectum and usually causes an obvious change in daily bowel habits, such as frequent stools containing blood or mucus. Your doctor will conduct a medical history and physical exam before doing other tests.
Colonoscopy. The single most effective test to make a diagnosis or evaluate the severity of UC is a colonoscopy with biopsy. No blood test or XR is reliable to make the diagnosis or give the information that a colonoscopy will give you.

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What are some of the tests for Ulcerative colitis?

The tests for Ulcerative colitis include: Biopsy, C reactive protein, Complete blood count, Colonoscopy, Comprehensive metabolic panel, CT scan, Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Stool studies, Xray of abdomen, ANCA screen, Barium enema, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

Will a colon biopsy confirm a positive test for ulcerative colitis?

Maybe. Like many other pathologists, I remain deeply skeptical about the "blood test" for ulcerative colitis, and if you have not yet had endoscopy with biopsy, I would urge you to do this if it is offered to you. If you do have ulcerative colitis, you will get frequent checks to be sure the disease is not progressing to malignancy. Good luck.
Yes. A colonoscopy biopsy would be the most accurate means of testing for ulcerative colitis, more accurate than any other test. Can see: http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/ulcerative-colitis/ds00598/dsection=tests-and-diagnosis.

I also was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and chicken allergies (skin test). Could the allergy be the underlying cause of the uc?

No. A positive allergy skin test to chicken does not predict a real reaction at least 50% of the time. The larger the skin test reaction however, the more likely it indicates true allergy. Although one may get gastrointestinal upset after having eaten chicken if one is allergic, it does not cause uc. However it may make the symptoms from uc worse.

Cold hands&vertigo feeling. Diangosis ulcerative colitis and been bleeding some time. Hemoglobin 19. And all heart tests are fine. Is this anxiety related?

May be. Your health circumstances are more complex than would be reasonable to address in this forum. The hemoglobin level you cited is likely incorrect. It would be prudent to discuss the issues with your doctor.