What are the tests taken for hiv/aids?

HIV. Hiv serology (antibody test) is highly sensitive/specific repeated eia test (serology) of initially reactive specimen is a common practice and is followed by westeren blot analysis to confirm the antibodies. In infants upto 18 months maternal antibodies transfer through placenta may not represent true infection in an infant. Hiv PCR test has high sensitivity and sensitivity.

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What are some of the tests for HIV/AIDS?

The tests for HIV/AIDS include: HIV antibody 1 and 2, HIV test, CD4, HIV 1, HIV 1 and 2 Western blot, HIV 1 coreceptor tropism, HIV 1 DNA, HIV 1 genotype, HIV 1 RNA, HIV 1 virtual phenotype, HIV 2, HIV 2 antibody immunoblot, HIV 2 proviral DNA, VDRL, RPR, Comprehensive metabolic panel, Complete blood count.

What does it mean if your hiv/aids test shows up as invalid?

Indeterminate? In HIV testing, the words that are most commonly used are "negative, positive and indeterminate". The word invalid may refer to a problem in the testing in which some or all results were considered invalid. If that is the case, you will need to have the test (s) repeated.

Why do my hiv/aids tests come back negative but I still have the symptoms?

You are HIV negative. If your HIV tests are repeatedly negative, then you are negative. I'm not sure what you mean by symptoms of HIV - probably need to be more specific, but the symptoms (such as fever, sweats, weight loss) of HIV are very nonspecific. This means that fever, sweats and weight loss can be caused by other infections (like the flu, common cold, tuberculosis, or fungal infections) or cancer, not only hiv.

What is sensitivity and spesifity of the HIV / aids PCR test?

High. Since the test is looking for the virus itself it is very specific. There should be no false positives of titers that are significantly above the minimum of detection (of course some human error is always possible). Similarly, since it amplifies any detected viral RNA a million-fold, it is also very sensitive.

If you get a blood test at the gyno, do they also test it for HIV aids?

You can ask. For an HIV screen or go to a public health clinic if you want annonymity, but your doctors cannot order an HIV test without getting your permission and informing you why. It is not a routine screen done at the gyn visit.