Is there a home test for oral candidiasis?

It's usually a. Clinical look for white cheesey clumps on the tongue tonsils and throat...We don't culture it. The treatment is a script, ketoconazole or monistat.

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HIV 1&2 P24 Combo (CMIA) test on13th day. Index value 0.1& non-reactive. Symptoms so far-Oral candidiasis from 14th day. How reliable is the test?

You don't have HIV. This test result is over 80% reliable; almost certainly you do not have HIV. Have another test at 4 weeks to be certain. Do not assume oral candidasis if you just have a white tongue; coated tongue and candidasis are not the same. Anyway, it is too soon to have oral candida due to a new HIV infection, and test results always overrule symptoms. See a doctor if your mouth problem continues. Read more...