Could you tell me some things that may help urgency with IBS, I can't go anywhere without a toilet. Diet exercise not helped much. Don't want Imodium (loperamide)?

Non-specific. IBS is a non disease, describing a complex of vague & undefined problems, such as gas, bloating, irregularity, cramps, etc. Your best bet is a good balanced diet, with fiber, excellent hydration, especially water, and yogurt. If you don't like yogurt , take a probiotic 3-4 times a week. Good luck.
IBS-D. Urgency may be helped by stool modifying agents (fiber), motility agents ( imodium (loperamide) , opioids), relaxants (hyoscyamine, dicyclomine), diet mods (FODMAP), mods of gut flora (probiotics), or bile acid sequestrants (cholestyramine). Often a combination of these things is required. Imodium may be one of the most effective and is generally well tolerated. Why are you hesitant to try it?