Ache in left ear, , a feeling that there is air trapped in nose, sounds like snoring when I breathe, swollen itchy white tonsils?

URI. Swollen tonsils with white secretions can represent a streptococcal throat infection , achy joints, stiff neck and stuffed nose and earache will be present with an acute viral infection. It is rare for an adult to have a strep pharyngitis without a fever. Try salt water gargles and ibuprofen to feel better. If these persist more than 72 hours, seek medical attention.
Sounds like a URI. URI/Upper Respiratory Infection: these are one of the most common reasons for a Dr Visit. Usually the infection is viral, and starts in the sinuses, and from there it can cause a sore throat, swollen tonsils and block the eustachian tube causing pain in the middle ear. It is also possible you could have severe allergic rhinitis causing your symptoms. Best to see a doctor to check your tonsils.