My gp told me pubic lice is curable. The doctor from the sexual health tells me different they are treatable there's no cure. U live withthemcompletely?

Pubic Lice Cure. With proper use of prescription creams, or lotions, pubic lice is curable. Since it is a human parasite on the skin, you can catch it again from intimate exposure to others who have the lice, or by sharing contaminated clothing, towels. Contact your doctor, or a Dermatologist, for treatment.
Curable, but . . . Treatment must kill all the lice & anything (or person) you have close contact with must be free of lice or you will risk re-infestation. This is kind of like bed bugs- they can be killed but you have to kill them all. The environment (bedding, clothing, another person) may be carrying the parasite and you can develop a new case; or if treatment allowed some to survive, they will reproduce.