How high can a psa test go and be ok?

Who really knows? Its commonly quoted normal range as 0-4 ng.Ml, but its real clinical significance should be closely correlated with fh, its serial change over time, the finding on dre, individual risk assessment, etc. To deduce its meaning at the time in a man. More detail? To http://www.Formefirst.Com/freeinfoprostate.Html.
No single level ok. Normal psa levels are age dependent, levels are higher in older people. Up to the age of 60 the upper limit of normal is 4 ng/ml. However if a person had a psa level of 0.5ng/ml and the following year it has gone up to 3 ng/ml that would be a cause for concern even though the results are within "normal" limits. You need to consult your doctor to see if you should get psa done or not.
Depend. . Its level highly vary although the range of 0-4 ng/ml has long adopted ; commonly used as its normal range. More detail? It's worthwhile to review "aua 2013 guidelines on prostate cancer screening" at http://www.Formefirst.Com/newauapsa.Html. Together, we can go beyond 400-letter space for more mutual complement ; better global service.