Folic acid blood test --am I'm being tested for peripheral neuropathy?

No. Peripheral neuropathy is discovered on history and physical exam, perhaps with confirmatory electric nerve studies Folic Acid deficiency will cause general ill-health, mental slowing, and anemia more than a peripheral neuropathy despite claims of "independent thinkers." some people need more Folic Acid than others, even though uncle sam now supplements flour with it.

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What will show up in a blood test for peripheral neuropathy?

Maybe. If the peripheral neuropathy is due to diabetes, B12 deficiency, HIV infection, sjogren's, porphyria, hepatitis c, lupus, or lead or arsenic poisoning (any enemies?), an appropriate blood test is confirmatory. Chemical exposures, the autoimmune and hereditary neuropathies, the late effects of alcoholism, and the mysterious cases (all too many) won't be detected. Good luck.
Many different tests. Numbness can occur from various reasons. Some potential causes include vitamin deficiency, nerve damage, nerve compression, and alcohol over consumption, side effects of different medications, or as a result of different systemic medical conditions such as diabetes. Certain blood tests can help determine the underlying reason for the neuropathy and thus will aid in formulating a treatment plan.

Apart from observations & a history of Diabetes 2, are there any blood test results that can provide evidence of peripheral neuropathy of the feet? If so, what are they? There is apparently good blood flow to the feet. A Dr is being consulted..

Neuropathy. As noted in your question the diagnosis is clinically suggested by history and physical examination;confirmed by testing (EMG) and subject sometimes to blood testing to uncover treatable causes.
Yes! Peripheral neuropathy has MANY different causes from toxicity, vitamin deficiency, thyroid problems to other metabolic diseases If the diagnosis is established a whole array of tests may be indicated.

Iv been trying to convice for 2 years, IV had hsgtest, pap smer, vitamin, folic acid, blood test. What can I do now?

Fertility. Assuming your cycles are normal and all your testing has been negative for problems, then you can get your partner tested with a semen analysis or try artificial insemination. Laparoscopy may also be helpful for finding and treating problems.