Does ultrasound tests for ovarian cysts?

An U/S of anything. Shows size, shape, and consistency of the tissue, or inconsistencies that are fluid filled (cysts) or solid filled or at least not filled with water density...This can be menstrual cycle dependent as well, and ovaries are on both sides, with the tubes are called adnexa. Fluid in the abdomen acan also be seen. None of this provides a diagnosis: need cells or tissue.

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Gyne ordered CBC with diff with plt, ultrasound, prolactin, TSH 3rd gen after painful internal exam. Ovarian cyst rupture 6/16. What are tests for?

A few things. Your doctor is checking your blood count and your platelets to make sure there are no signs of anemia or infection. Also checking your pituitary and your thyroid. An ultrasound is performed to look and see if there are additional cysts on the ovaries. A very thorough doctor. You should be pleased and I hope the test turn out negative for you.
Lab test? 's. A cbc tells about red and white cells in your blood, which indicate anemia, infection, and other parameters. An ultrasound is a picture of inner organs, and can visualize the ovaries, tubes and womb. Prolactin tests for pituitary tumors, and TSH tests for thyroid function. Abdominal pain can arise from a number of causes which relate to what tests were ordered. Ultrasound saw the ovarian cyst.
Screening tests. These are screening tests. Both general and specific for uterine and ovarian problems. Seems a little excessive for just one painful exam. I anticipate that cervical cultures were done as well.
Checking symptoms. The blood tests are related to your ovarian cyst symptoms. The CBC with diff automatically includes platelets and checks for infection especially pelvic inflammation since your exam was painful. The prolactin is a hormone related to ovulation and can be related to PCOS. TSH checks for thyroid disease which can be related to your risk for developing ovarian cysts in the future. Gyn is thorough.

Ovarian cyst rupture a month ago. Gyno ordered ultrasound, CBC w diff w platelets, TSH 3rd gen, prolactin. What are these tests to determine?

What symptoms. Are you having? You should probably ask your doctor what he/she is looking for. TSH and PRL are hormones produced by the pituitary gland. Ovarian cysts are common and it would be unlikely that your doc ordered these tests because of the cyst.

Doc. In my first ultrasoud the result is I have a left ovarian cyst. But the right is folicles cyst. I chect the test TSH and T4 but the result nega.

Ovarian cyst. Surely your doctor has discussed what does or does not need to be further evaluated. If you are not satisfied by the information given, or if no information is give, find another doctor. All patients should be told what the results of examination and labs etc. Mean.