Dose of Interferon alpha 2B for Hepatitis C patient?

Not set dose. There is no set dose for this. Defer to your treating physician.
Discuss with your. treating physician who has all of your history and lab results.

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What are the indications of using interferon alpha in case of viral hepatitis?

Progressive HCV. Although i was a coauthor on the first report of using interferon for hepatitis b, there is now oral and more effective therapy. It, so far, is still used in combination with other therapy for progressive hepatitis c based on a variety of parameters including liver biopsy and certain blood tests. Many, perhaps most people with chronic hcv die with it but not of it. Read more...
Combination therapy. Pegylated Alpha interferon indicated for certain treatment protocols for chronic hepatitis b and used in combination therapy for treatment of chronic hepatitis c. Read more...