How long does it take for malaria blood tests to come back?

Minutes to days. Examination of blood smear for malarial parasites takes considerable skill, however, depending on the severity of parasite levels, a skilled person may diagnose it in a matter of minute. If more involved testing is needed, it may take a 2-3 days or even longer.

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How long is it supposed to it take for hepatitis blood tests to come back with accurate results?

Depends on the Lab. Antibody to hep b and even the dna tests for hep b can be done the day the sample is collected. However, the labs sometimes batch the tests and in that case the results would be avilable the day the lab runs the test. Read more...

I received a concussion 6 months ago still exhibiting symptoms and CT and blood tests have come back clear what could be making it last this long?

Depends. depends on the symptoms. CT scan will not typically show anything for concussion. Headaches for example, can be chronic in 15% of head injuries. I would seek the expertise of a concussion clinic. Read more...