When should I be tested for colon cancer if my parent had it?

At what age? Unless your parents had their cance before the age of 60 or so, the usual recommendation for a screening colonscopy at 50 should suffice. If they had cancer at earlier ages, you should consult your doctor for starting colonoscopy at age 40.

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If I have a parent who had colon cancer, what tests do I need to do and when?

A Colonoscopy. It would be a good idea to do a colonoscopy at the age 10 years younger than when your parent was diagnosed. If you parent was diagnosed over the age of 60 you should start at the age of 50.
Colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is the best screening test for colon cancer. You should start getting them when your age is 10 yrs less than the age when your parent got diagnosed with cancer.
Colonoscopy. Colonoscopy and removal of polyps is the best way to avoid colon cancer. Usually first colonoscopy is recommended at age 50, however in a person with strong family history screening at an earlier age would be appropriate. You should consult your doctor for a fuller discussion and evaluation.

What's sister's riskof colon cancer if parent had it + she has1 snp from that parent + 2 snps from other parent associated with it? 23&me risk is 4.8%

Not sure.... ..I get your whole question, especially the 4.8% part. If you have significant family history (which seems to be the case), I advise you talk to a specialist with expertise in genetics and risk assessment. He/she will get a full pedigree and obtain additional personal info to help determine your risk and what to do to reduce it. You are young but don't put it off.
Need more info. Need a detailed family history. Multiple colon cancers in family increases the risk of colon cancer for other family member by 2-4 fold. If high risk familial syndrome (fap, hnpcc) is demonstrated, the life time risk would be as high as 90-100%.

Life expectancy of colon cancer==similar to parent if familial?

Yes and no. If you a have a true familial form (generally this means multiple 1 st degree relatives have it. Usually happens at an earlier age) then yes the course of disease is similiar. If by familial you mean 1 relative had it, then no it is variable and progress differently.

Am I too young to have colon cancer screening at 40 if my parent had it then?

No. See your family doctor for further advice and work up.
Had screening or CA? If parent had colon cancer at age 40, you can start screening at age 30. Consider genetic testing of parent's cancer, as well as personal genetic testing. If you mean parent got screened at age 40 (and no cancer or polyp seen), if no other risk factors, you could likely wait until age 50 (average risk group). Find out others in family, as well as other ca including breast, ovarian, kidney. C md.
Not too young. Patients with family history of colon cancer, depending on the genes involved, can get colon cancer at an age even younger than 40. Your doctor can better determine if screening with colonoscopy is warranted.

Family history of colon cancer. Do I start seeing GI before or at age parent diagnosed?

Earlier colonoscopy. If you have a significant family history of colon cancer, you would start your colonoscopy 10 years earlier than the age of the youngest family members diagnosed with colon cancer. Significant history - if there are multiple family members with colon ca; if a very young age of diagnosis of colon ca in some family members; diagnoses of other, associated cancers in family members.
Now. See the doctor now to determine when it would be prudent to start surveillance. More than one genetic abnormality is associated with colon cancer and each type needs a different approach.
Colon cancer. Most primary care physicians may not know. Answer is 10-15 years before the time your relative had it diagnosed, or age 40, whichever comes first. Remember, it is a curable and preventable disease.

If parent had colon cancer at 80, what is risk of offspring getting it after 65? No other known family member was diagnosed with GI tumor or condition

Cancer screening. Cancer screening is recommended and all populations over the age of 50. In your case it does not matter if a family member had cancer at the age of 80 you should have your screening at the age of 50 regardless. The only time this becomes significant is if a family member has cancer around the age of 50 in which case immediate family should be screen 10 years prior to that age.

Is it still possible for me to have familial adenomatous polyposis if parent had colon cancer?

Yes if parent has it. Yes if parent had colon cancer due to familial adenomatous polyposis, you could have inherited, only way to rule out is to see your physician, and have a colonascopy done.
If parent had APC. A parent having colon cancer is not how one gets adenomatous polyposis coli (apc). If one of your parents had apc only then you would be at risk for apc. You are still at risk for colon cancer and should follow your doctor's advice for colon cancer screening.

Does genetic testing help to find out if my colon cancer is passed from my parents?

Could help. A person does not inherit cancer per se from their parents but they could inherit genes that make it much more likely to develop it. Genetic tests currently available can identify some of those genes and help the patient and their families make right decisions. You are very young and if you have colon cancer, you should be seen by a professional with expertise in this matter. Best to you.
It may. There is a type of colon cancer for which the genes have been identified. This type of cancer is very aggressive so testing for the gene may be important. You should consult with your colon cancer specialist to determine if you need this test.