Should I get tests for cardiomyopathy, heart and blood pressure routinely at 88?

Blood pressure, yes. Evaluation for heart failure and cardiomyopathy are not routine at any age. Therefore, unless you are having symptoms of heart failure, such as shortness of breath, exertional shorteness of breath, decreased exertional tolerance, chest pain, or palpitations, you need only have a routine physical exam which would include a measure of your blood pressure.

Related Questions

How high does blood pressure get before a heart attack?

It doesn't. Although high blood pressure is a risk factor for coronary heart disease, there is no evidence that there is an acute rise in blood pressure prior to a heart attack.
Not a direct cause. No number is the "magic number" but very high pressures (for example >200/>110) when associated with angina are considered a "hypertensive emergency" and should be promptly treated. Symptoms of stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, or encephalopathy (confusion) are the key symptoms of a hypertensive crisis.
Varies. High blood pressure over years damages blood vessels leading to things like stroke & heart attack. BP > 140/90 over time increases the risk for these problems. The longer the time and the higher the blood pressure, the > risk. No hard and fast cut off. If the blood pressure goes up quickly to very high levels (> 180/110 or so) can cause problems like heat failure, stroke more suddenly, .

How high can blood pressure get before a heart attack occurs?

BP varies... Varies. It can be very high due to pain and a feeling of dread. It can be low if the heart is weak due to a large heart attack.
Depends. This is very individual. If you have had high blood pressure for a long time, your body is used to it and may tolerate it longer. If you for example take Cocaine or other drugs that raise your blood pressure suddenly, even a small increase can give you a heart attack. No guarantees either way..

How severe would your blood pressure need to be in order to get a heart attack?

Heart attack. Heart attack can happen with low, normal or high blood pressure.
It can happen. Blood pressure is an element and the very high can tear the aorta or the coronaries, but blockage by plaque and clot occurs with or without BP elevation.

Can you have a heart attack with a blood pressure of 102/82... what happens if the numbers get closer together like 103/89?

Heart Attack. It depends on what you mean by "attack"; yes any number of cardiac events can be preceded by the examples of BP quoted ;the difference between the the 2 quoted numbers is insignificant clinically.

When testing my blood pressure, how do I get my arm "at heart level" for standing, sitting, and laying down? My numbers can be falsely low or high.

It's easy. When standing hold your arm out in front of your body, not quite at 90 degrees, so that the blood pressure cuff the same distance from the floor as your heart. While sitting, resting your arm on the arm of a chair usually gets your arm in the right position. While laying down, lay on your back with your arm resting at your side.