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What is the frequency of brain cancer, is it heredity or genetic?

It is neither. Common, nor hereditary. There seems to be damage to genes, as in most cancers, and some forecast response to therapy (loss of chromosome 1). The dread glioblastoma, the far end of the histologic spectrum, has had very little progress therapeutically. Despite its local resistance, chemo approachs encourage many, but surgery and radiotherapy seem stalled.

What are some of the tests for Brain cancer?

The tests for Brain cancer include: Complete blood count, C reactive protein, Blood culture, MRI, CT of head, CT of chest, abdomen and pelvis, Bone scan, Mammogram, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

Help me out I'm scared I might have brain cancer. What tests should I have done?

Depends on symptoms. Depends on your symptoms. You should start with a thorough history and physical by a qualified, trusted health care professional. If he/she is concerned enough because of something in your exam or your history, an MRI is the best overall test to rule out a brain tumor, but may not be necessary in your case.

Is there anything would that be a conclusive test for brain cancer?

Mri. The best test is an MRI of the brain, no test is as reliable as an mri. Howver, the right set of images has to be done--so the radiologist has to be informed this is a diagnostic concern.

How accurate is non contrast mri at detecting brain cancer?

Not always accurate. The best imaging to detect brain contrast is an MRI with contrast. Cancers have blood supply so the contrast makes it easier to detect a tumor, especially a small one that otherwise may be difficult to identify.

Smelling smoke that is not there. Do I need test for brain cancer or stroke?

George. Gershwin the composer presented with his brain tumor with the smell of burning rubber. I'd speak to a doctor, get a neurologic exam, and let them weigh benefit of mri.
Possible seizure. Also need to rule out seizure activity causing symptom. Can also see this with migraine.

Are localized headaches a relatively common symptom of brain cancer? What tests are needed to figure out what it is?

Not necessarily. A localized headache is more likely to be due to cause in the scalp. See this site for more info. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/brain-tumor/ds00281.

What would be the cerebral spinal fluid test result for brain metastatic cancer. What value indicates its brain cancer in CSF test?

Not the best test. CSF examination may contain malignant cells in the presence of metastatic cancer, but normal CSF does not rule out metastases to the brain. Imaging studies are more likely to be helpful.

Mom had brain cancer. My used rate is 30 suppose to b under 20. Crp ok. Cbc andmetabolic panel ok. Urine test ok. Mid back pain. Could this be cancer?

No biomarker. There is no blood test that is a biomarker / tumor marker for primary brain cancer. If your tests are symptoms (such as low back pain) are as above that would be totally unrelated to brain cancer. That is neither normal nor abnormal cbc/cmp, esr, ua, CRP mean anything for brain cancer detection.