I just heard kinect can help diagnose autism. Are there tests like that for asperger's syndrome?

No. Are you asking about the xbox kinect? If so, there is no good evidence for help diagnosing anything as of yet!
U. Minnesota studies. Are on screening, not diagnosis. The computer watches 3-5-year-olds & notes which ones are hypo- or hyper-active compared to the norms of the group ( as any experienced pre-school teacher does). Other researchers developed gizmos to quantitate eye gaze in siblings of kids with autism, as they have ~ 30% chance of having ad & more of language delays. No clinical use of these screens exists.
Not yet. Kinect is in its early stages for this application. Aspergers is part of the autism spectrum and my experience is that aspergers patients typically are more high functioning and have issues reading emotional cues. Psychiatry/psychology can help diagnose aspergers. If you are concerned ask for a referral as some with aspergers are very subtle. I have several patients not diagnosed til early teens.
Old diagnosis. Since 2013 people who would have been given the diagnosis of Aspergers disorder would now be given the diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder.