Having mild pain above left breast?

Chest/breast pain. Is it sore to the touch? Might be a breast cyst or pre-menstrual tenderness. It is rare to have cardiac disease at 22 years old, although it does happen. If concerned or it persists and is not tender with pressure, go to the urgent care center for help.
Pain. I'm not sure of your question. Please resubmit your question again with more details or make an appt to see your local healthcare provider.

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I have diagnosed track infection history. Now a days mild pain on my left breast, is it related to urinary track infection?

Probably unrelated. Mild breast pain is not something that is expected from a urinary tract infection. A primary care or ob-gyn doctor can check both problems and help resolve them. Mild breast pain in a healthy young woman may be due to hormone fluctuations, which includes those her body makes plus any hormones she takes (such as pills, patches, creams, or injections). Read more...