How accurate is the blood test for hepatitis a, b and c?

Accurate. The tests for antibodies to these hepatitis viruses are very accurate in determining exposure to these viruses and in some cases about the course of disease.

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If someone had hepatitis, does it ever go away. I just met someone I am considering having a relationship with so I am concerned about catching it if we end up in a relationship. Will a blood test give an accuarate result? He was in the vietnam war, an

There . There are 4 types of hepatitis: a, b, c and d. Most of the concern is around hepatitis b and c since those are the two that can become a chronic disease. Blood tests can be helpful since they will tell you if a person has been infected with either type, whether they have immunity to that type or whether they have chronic disease. Hepatitis b has an available vaccine you should consider if your partner has chronic hepatitis b. The other good news about hepatitis b is that less than 5% of adults exposed to it go on to develop chronic disease. Hepatitis c does not have an available vaccine and most people who contract it do end up having chronic disease. It is recommended that sexual partners be tested for it. If the test is positive for chronic disease in one of the partners, safe sex practices are recommended (condom use). The good news is that sexual transmission between a monogamous couple is rare. Below i linked to 2 websites through the national institute of health that gives more in-depth information on hepatitis b and c. Read more...