What does 100-g glucose load mean when being tested for gestational diabetes?

Diagnosis. This means you failed the original 50 g 1 hr screening test and now need to full 100 gm 3 hour tests to diagnose gestational diabetes.

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Why do you need to get a glucose tolerance test if you tested positive for gestational diabetes?

To rule out diabetes. Women with gestational diabetes are more prone to developing diabetes after the pregnancy. Glucose tolerance test allows the doctor to asses resistance to Insulin and diagnose diabetes.

1 hr glucose test for gestational diabetes came back at 68mg/dl. What does this mean? Is that low?

Only high matters. Hi. That's normal. Only high results matter. Have a good pregnancy! Eat healthy and exercise for life!
Gestational diabetes. Did they do one step or two step approach? What are the other values at 2nd and 3rd hour? 1 hr glucose at 68 sounds good and normal. Based on National Diabetes Data group, Glucose concentration greater than or equal to these values at TWO or more time points is a positive test. Fasting-105, One hr-190, 2hr-165, 3hr- 145.Hope this helps.

I read that anything under 70mg/dl on the one hour glucose test for gestational diabetes is low and means hypoglycemia. Mine is 66. What does this mean?

NOT hypoglycemia. Hi. Please believe me, you're fine. The OGTT is ONLY designed to detect high blood sugar. Yours is stone-cold normal. Don't worry.
Hypoglycaemia. No, I would consider this test to be within normal limits unless you had symptoms of hypogycaemia such as dizziness or feeling faint.

What are oral glucose test alternatives for gestational diabetes?

Not sure. What you're asking. The limited GTT is the gold standard for detecting gestational diabetes. Elevated blood sugars through other testing are also potentially useful, but some sort of testing is essential.

3hr glucose test. Hour 1 and 2 were high. Do I have gestational diabetes?

Yes. Gestational diabetes is defined by 2 of the test values being high on the 3 hour gtt. Your doctor will help you come up with a regimen for checking your blood sugar and modifying your diet.

Whats the 3 hr glucose test for gestational diabetes?

A Drink/Bloodwork. Some obs do this at their office, or you go to a lab. The test is done first thing in the morning after you have not eaten overnight. They draw your blood to check the "fasting" (pre-breakfast) blood sugar, then you drink a bottle of liquid with 75 grams of sugar. Blood is drawn at 1, 2, and 3 hours after the drink. If 2 of 4 levels are elevated then you'll be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

My wife has gestational diabetes. She's keeping her glucose in the healthy range but still feels really tired. Is that normal?

Yes. The combination of a developing fetus and maintenance of her abnormal glucose metabolism equals "normal" fatigue.
PREGNANCY BY ITSELF. Can cause quite a bit of fatigue. As well, there are other potential causes of fatigue so close follow up is important, and good sugar control can also be achieved by eating well and exercising regularly.