Is fibromyalgia curable?

Fibromyalgia. Yes, the majority of cases of fibromyalgia can be turned around with the appropriate treatment program. This is not easy and not taught to the majority of our nation's doctors, but it is available. I treat these patients all the time and have a 85-90% success rate if they follow the protocols for fibromyalgia.
Yes. Fibromyalgia cure? Cause unknown, cure elusive & several consultants needed: Rheumatologist for diagnosis & FDA-approved meds. Osteopath for soft tissue diagnosis. Alternative Physician for neutriceuticals. Yoga (gentle) instructor. Aquatherapy (P.T.) instructor. Cannabis consultant & meds for pain, mood, & sleeping. Mindfulness Therapy coach. Licensed masseuse. Persons who pursued these improved.
Fibromyalgia. Typically not curable, but controllable. Various modalities can help.
Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a complex syndrome and is generally thought to not be 'curable'. I prefer to look for the root causes that lead to a person to have the symptoms of fibromyalgia, address these root causes as much as you can, and then yes, some people no longer carry the diagnosis. It is a perfect storm of a lot of things going wrong. Don't expect a 'magic bullet' 'cure'.
Not really. It is a chronic disease that most patients must find a way to live with. However, some patients find the symptoms go away after a while but i wouldn't count on it.
Fibromyalgia. Like most chronic pain syndromes, it is not at present curable but you can put it in remission. As a profession we have not done a great job of curing many things yet, we just control them and modify them. (Like high blood pressure and diabetes)