If I don't get tested for carpal tunnel syndrome, what could happen? Will it get worse?

Tws. Most people come in for treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) due to the pain and numbness/tingling in the hands. The night time symptoms can be very disruptive. However, the most functionally dibilitating part of cts is muscle wasting. The muscles in the fat part of the thumb are innervated by the median nerve, which is compresses in cts. Eventually you lose the ability to grip or pinch.
It'll get worse. While the timing is unpredictable, carpal tunnel syndrome, once initiated, tends to worsen over time.
CTS. In addition to a history and physical exam, an EMG and nerve conduction study can confirm CTS. If left untreated, nerve damage can eventually occur.
Carpal tunnel. When cts goes untreated, symptoms can progress from moderate and intermittent to severe and constant. Early complaints include pain, numbness, and tingling. Late in the course, numbness and tingling are constant, and you can lose strength in the hand. Once you lose strength, you may not recover even with successful surgery.
Absolutely. if it is not caught on time it will get worse and at some point will reach a point of no return when even the surgery will not make the numbness go away.
Yes. It is critical to make the appropriate diagnosis and testing sids in that. Then treatement can be started which should prevent permanent damage.