Where can I find infogram or videos on podiatry?

Websites. There are multiple websites that host videos on podiatry. One of them is www.Apma.Org.
Here's a good link.. Here's a great link to start learning about podiatry - http://www.Apma.Org/learn/todayspodiatrist.Cfm also check out links on www.Acfaom.Org or www.Acfas.Com.
Web sites. http://www.acfas.org http://www.Apma.Org http://www.Youtube.Com.
APMA.org. Variety of sites to check acfas.Org foothealthfacts.Org good luck dr l.
Podiatry Videos. You can find podiatry videos on my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/houstonfootdoc.