What could help reduce or eliminate lower back pain in older people?

Flexibility. Flexibility and activity are some of the most important things in the spine for all ages. As we age, it's most important to continue our flexibility and be active. Judicious use of nsaids is needed- not ever to be abused. Look for williams exercises on spineuniverse. Com to maintain flexibility. Consider yoga.

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What should I do to eliminate lower back pain?

Low back pain. Work on strengthening your core muscles (low back and abdomen) through a low impact routine. Stretching is very important and can include traction, knees to chest, pelvic tilts, etc. A medicine ball is a good tool. These exercises can be guided by a therapist or chiropractor with other modalities as well. More aggressive options include cortisone injections. See your doctor for advice.

What can I do to eliminate lower back pain during yoga?

Modify poses. Assuming your back pain etiology is clear, and you are comfortable enough to stretch your body with yoga, then modify the poses (asanas) to minimalize pain yet still engaging your body to stretch. Bolsters, folded blankets, blocks, all of these aids can allow you to be in a pose comfortably and remain in the pose long enough to obtain the benefits desired.
Hip extension. Work on hip extension and hamstring lenght work with mckenzie therapist.

What can I do to eliminate lower back pain without using narcotics?

Lots. Get assessment, get motivated to stretch, exercise. And physical therapy and or osteopathic treatment.
Try everything. I tell my patients to try physical therapy, Motrin advil (ibuprofen) type medications, accupuncture, pain management injections, chiropractics, if all fails and you are in severe pain than maybe surgery.

How to eliminate lower back pain? How to fix a tail bone pain?

Wish I could.... There is a nobel prize for the doc who figures these out. Low back pain often responds to continued low level activity, stretching, physical therapy, low dose pain relief / non steroidals and time. For the tail bone will need to sit on an inflatable donut or pad to take pressure of the sacrum.

If I am now 56 years old women and I have a lower back pain what could causing this?

Arthritis. At 56, you most surely have some degenerative arthritis in your low back. That combined with out of shape core muscles will precipitate and / or cause low back pain. You need to develop a core exercise program to help get rid of this. Try rev abs from beechbody. Com or get a stability ball and dick's sporting goods.

13 year old has recurring lower back pain, what could be the causes and treatments?

Are you athletic? There a lot of reason for low back pain in your age group, the most common are stress injury to lower lumbar vertebra---the key word is recurrent--need careful hx, exam, x rays--ask your general doc first.
See below. Spondylolithesis spondylolysis recurrent muacular spasmsget checked.
Several possiblities. Muscular strain, lumbar ligament inj which is failing to completely heal, si jt. Locked, lumbar vertebral dysf, quadratus lumborum muscle contracture. Must consider other med possibilities, as well, such as kidney problems. A thorough history & phys, incl. Hands-on osteopathic exam may elucidate cause. Osteopathic manipulation or even prolotherapy may prove helpful, if jt., muscular, or ligament cause.
Could be...... I would note a disc herniation is rare at this age but a spondylolysis/spondylolithesis or benign tumor like an osteioid osteoma could be present. Sometimes autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or infection can present like this, initially. A referred pain from a kidney problem/infection or GI problem may also be in the list of possibilities. He needs to be seen if pain restricts him.

What could be causing my 3 year old sons lower back pain?

See a pediatrician. It is not customary for 3 year old kids to complain of back pain. Hip joint infection or back infection etc can be possibilities. Make sure he does not have fevers and is not refusing to walk or having night time pain etc. He would benefit from a pediatrician or an orthopedic evaluation. Unless this was a short lived one time complaint.

4 year old with temp of 102.3 and lower back pain. What could be wrong?

Several things... Several things could be wrong, but with a fever that high in a 1 year old, you should be checked out by a physician without delay. Call your physician on call or go to the er/urgent care.
See a pediatrician.. Right away 4 year olds should never have back pain especially with a fever. Could be benign like the flu. But could also be a kidney infection, of spine abscess.
Viral infection. Is on the top of my list. In case the child continues to have a fever over 3 days or noticeable change in child's general well being occurs, seek a medical attention.

Lower back pain when sitting down for a bit. What could be causing it when I am only 19 years old?

Possible disc issue. Even at your age especially if there is a family history. Sitting is 4 times your body! S weight across the discs of your lower back. If you do not exercise, start. If you smoke stop. If you are overweight, get your weight under control as all the above play a role in back pain. If the symptoms persist, see your doctor.