What can cause sudden confusion and an increased heart rate in a 16 year old?

Many possibilities. Certainly medications and drugs can cause that combination of change. Also seizures can cause sudden confusion and elevated heart rate.

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Resting heart rate at 190+ for a 16 year old, what does this indicate?

SVT. This is a rhythm problem called supraventricular tachycardia if it's just happening when you're sitting around doing nothing, especially if it starts and stops suddenly. An electrophysiologist can help; in denver, i'd give a call to dr. Will sauer at university of colorado, or laurent leukoweiz at kaiser if you're with their network. They'll get to the bottom of it pretty quickly. Read more...

I have been short of breath at night and my heart rate at rest is 96 at night and I'm a 16 year old male. What does this mean?

Many things. Asthma tends to be worse at night but you will have to be very short of breath to get a heart rate this fast. You need to see your doctor to get a check up which may include evaluation of your lungs, heart, and thyroid status. If you were female, i would be more concerned with anemia. Read more...