This morning my left eye hurts and my eyelid is swollen. What caused this?

Multiple causes. Sudden soreness and swelling of the eye or eyelids can have multiple causes. Most common would be a chalazion or a hordeolum (stye). Other infectious and inflammatory causes are possible, including conjunctivitis, iritis, sinusitis, etc. You can try a warm compress (clean washcloth rinsed with very warm tap water) for a day or two, but see an eye md promptly if the symptoms are not resolved soon.

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Woke up this morning and my left eye hurts and my eyelid is swollen. What can cause this?

Possible infection. The first thing we need to know is if the pain in the eyelid in the area that is swollen or if it is actually the eyeball that is painful. If the eyelid is painful, most likely there is an infection in the lid which need to be treated with topicla and possibly oral antibiotics. If the eyeball is painful, then the swelling in the eyelid is a reaction to whatever is causing the pain.
Infection or injury. Infection or injury is the most likely cause. See an ophthalmologist if this does not clear up in a few days.

The left side of my face is swollen (no pain) and my left eye hurts to look in any direction. Any idea as to what it could be?

Facial swelling. Facial swelling is usually due to inflammation or infection in a tooth, facial tissues or paranasal sinus. I recommend that you be examined and treated promptly.

Hi, the bone above my left eye hurts whenever I focus too much. It throbs and becomes swollen for a few days. Do you think it is a serious concern?

Many diagnoses. There are literally dozens of diagnoses for this single symptom. Vasculitis, autoimmune disease, migraine, muscle spasm, TMJ disorder. You need to be examined, have labs ordered, and possibly have imaging done.

Top portion of left eye hurts, feels bruised but no physical deformities. When I squint hard or poke at it I feel it. Possible causes?

See your EYE MD. Hard to tell without and exam! Could be a local condition involving dry eye, exposure keratitis, pterygium. It could also be from increased pressure in the left frontal/ethmoidal/sphenoid sinuses or tension headache. All of these are possible in a 26 year old male. See your ophthalmologist.