What can I expect if my baby has to go to the nicu?

LOTS OF LEARNING. Depends on the severity of the condition and how premature your baby is, you may have a good and bad experience.Very stressful atmosphere, no privacy."hope, positive attitude, cooperation, patience, willingness to learn and lend a helping hand" should ease your journey in the nicu.Very knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate staff (nurses & physicians and the best nicu in the south east region!
It's very busy there. The nicu meets a great need, and saves a lot of lives. For those with children there though, it can be a nerve wracking place. There is a lot of noise from machines, ventilators, and monitors. There are children who are very sick, and some who are just being monitored. Privacy is difficult since the nurse needs to see the baby at all times. Your experience may depend on what issues your child has.