Is calf pain normal after arthroscopic surgery?

Be careful. Call your surgeon asap. No one else is better prepared to address your concern. If your calf pain is accompanied by swelling of the same leg - you need to be in the emergency room now.

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How long aft arthroscopic surgery (2 weeks ago)for medial meniscus tear should I be concerned re blood clots? Calf pain immed after surgery but no more.

2 weeks. Generally speaking, after about 2 weeks, you're out of the woods, as far as developing blood clots. However, we have seen patients develop them 2-3 weeks after surgery, but that's extremely rare. Check with your surgeon. Read more...

Is calf pain normal after arthroscopy of knee?

Not usually. Calf pain and swelling may be concerning for a blood clot (deep venous thrombosis, aka dvt). Let your surgeon know you are having these symptoms and they will likely need to see you immediately for evaluation and may order a scan of your leg occasionally, you may get soreness in the muscle belly of the calf. If you have chest pain or shortness of breath, go to the emergency department immediatel. Read more...