What are signs of dyslexia in 12 year olds?

Reading is difficult. The 12 year old with dyslexia will be unable to read age appropriate material in spite of seeming very bright. He will be able to visualize things "in the mind's eye" but unable to adequately communicate them. He will understand material that is read to him while not being able to read it himself. His handwriting may be hard to read and spelling may be impossible.

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Need expert help here. What are signs of dyslexia for 12 year olds.?

Dyslexia symptoms. Dyslexia creates problems with sounding out words for reading and spelling. Reading is slow, choppy, and inaccurate and spelling may have the wrong letters in words, or the letters may be in the wrong order. Typically, comprehension is fine as long as inaccuracy does not significantly interfere with meaning. Read more...