I want to be tested for polycystic ovary syndrome. Do I go to my normal gyno or repro endo?

If TTC see repro MD. If trying to conceive see a re for testing, treatment. Pcos diagnosis is 2 out of 3 of: 1. Irregular periods 2. Clinical signs like acne, hair growth and/or blood tests showing too much male-type hormones (androgens) 3. Ultrasound appearance of polycystic ovaries: high volumes or antral follicle counts. We also "rule out" other causes of pcos-like symptoms: thyroid, prolactin, adrenal gland issues.
Gyn. Your gyn can run some basic tests. The diagnosis for pcos is mainly done by looking at the symptoms - irregular periods and some sign of increased male hormone. Blood tests can be done to make sure there are no other reasons - thryoid or prolactin issues. There is no blood test to confirm pcos.