A simple blood test for malaria or complicated?

Skill. Examination of blood smear for malaria requires considerable skill, even though the test is not complicated.

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Can you tell me in diagnosing malaria, if the first blood test is negative, what chances are there that the person has the disease?

Pretty good. The level of parasites in the blood may be quite low at first. The familiar microscopic study with a giemsa stain is difficult and requires a lot of experience and skill. If there's a high index of suspicion, a person might be treated empirically, or it may be wiser to watch and test again if the disease becomes worse or really looks like malaria.

After a blood test, my one month old baby was diagnosed with malaria and prescribed Quinine 30mg. Is that ok?

Malaria treatment. Malaria in infants is a very serious condition. The type and aggressiveness of therapy depends on the type of parasite your baby has, as well as how sick he/she is. Stay in very close contact with the treating physician and report any changes in your baby's status immediately.
Probably fine. The recommended medication and dose is specific to the type of malaria in the region and severity of the illness. The above dose of quinine seems to fall within the recommended amount when used 3X daily for 3 or 7 days (unless severe). The CDC has guidelines at www. Cdc. Gov/malaria. Close followup should be maintained with your doc.

I am a 34 year old male having fever from last 8 days which comes at 5 in evening and hors by morning. My blood test, typhoid, malaria etc are normal. I have also done chest X-ray and urine test, reports of which are norma. My ESR test is 33 is it serio

IT DEPENDS. It really depend om how high your fever is. Are you having any chills or night sweat if you are living in the west we will said it is a virus you are from pakistan and the chance of bacteria or unusual infection is more likely. So it is very hard to say if it is serious or not. See an infection disease specialist for help.

Hello. I just had a very bad food poisoning (temporarily living in India). The doctor here took a blood test to check for Dengue and Malaria. Came back negative, however my neutrophils count was high (88) and lymphocytes low (8). Is that normap durin?

High. Neutrophils with low lymphocytes is seen in bacterial infections and in some EARLY viral infections. It seems to me that your specific problem involves a lot more possible infectious age than Dengue and Malaria (which is NOT a Gastrointestinal disease!!) Hope this is helpful Dr Z.