Is there any other diagnosis other than liver cancer if high lfts?

Many. Liver cancer is way down the list. Here are a few more common: hepatitis, reaction to medicines, blockage from gallstones, and the list goes on and on.
Hepatitis, alcohol. Hepatitis and alcohol are far more likely than liver cancer. In fact liver cancer is usually not associated with high lfts.

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I'm asian, 29, f, just diagnosed w/ chronic hep b. Hbeag -, anti-hbe +, normal lfts, viral load 1380 iu/ml. Afp 2.5 should I worry about liver cancer?

Yes slight risk. Best prevention of liver cancer is vaccination .Once infected most of the time virus will clear active disease will need treatment with Alpha interferon, Lamivudine etc to clear virus and prevent further damage & monitoring progression.Damage control includes weight diet , avoiding drugs, alcohol smoking , diabetes( blood sugar) oral contraceptives additional infections like hiv. Read more...
Low viral load. You have the right combination of numbers to have a really good prognosis. Do not be despondent. The risk of hepatocellular cancer is low . You have a good prognosis. Read more...