Lower right abdominal discomfort. With a bit of gas?

Doctor to evaluate. Lower right abdominal discomfort can be from many things. For pain there, appendicitis is always a concern (pain usually worsens over time, with fever coming on). If one is constipated for several days, stool can back up all the way to the right side, and cause discomfort. Having gas may or may not be related to the discomfort (lactose intolerance will cause gas). A hernia can also be the problem.
Other symptoms? Does it feel like a pulled muscle? How long does it last ? Have you tried any meds? Nausea? Fevers? Diarrhea? Would you say it is more related to food or activity? Causes include muscle strain, appy, gyne issues for females, herniae, colitises, enteritises, ibs, constipation. You should see your md for a complete history and physical exam. They may want to do studies as well. Fell better .