What tests do they do to test for adhd?

Various. Psychologists, pediatricians, family docs, psychiatrists and others may be trained to test for adhd, but not all offer this testing. Testing usually involves interviews & checklists with child, parent (s) and teacher (s). Best to start by asking your pediatrician or family doc; if they don't do the testing themselves, they can refer you to the right qualified expert in your local area.
Psychological testin. Testing for ADHD requires a thorough ppsychological or neuropsychological evaluation. As part of this approach is IQ testing, behavioral evaluations, academic testing and often computerized tests of attention, focus and distractibility. Discuss these with the school psychologis and your pediatrician. And review the results with both of them.
Many. Add is a neurobiologic medical condition. As such it has specific physical findings that aid in the diagnosis. Dysmetrias, poor working memory, synkinesiae, eye movement disorders, mixed dominance, poor writing, temporal sequential problems are all easily discovered in a neurodevelopmental exam. These are necessary for proper diagnosis and follow up. Not, an mri, but more traditional neuro testing.