Is there prescription or OTC pancrease (pancrelipase) to help with digestion?

Not needed usually. Assuming you have a normal functioning pancreas (that makes bicarbonate, (sodium bicarbonate) digestive enzymes, & insulin) then you don't need to supplement pancreatic products. Otc "enzymes" are often inadequately regulated as to amount & efficacy, & can actually hurt the intestines when taken in high dose unnecessarily for a prolonged time. Instead, see your doctor to address if you are maldigesting your food.

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How does the pancrease (pancrelipase) help with digestion?

Pancreatic insuffic? Hi. If you have pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, Pancrease (pancrelipase) will replace your missing pancreatic digestive enzymes. Without them, life is pretty miserable. Skip a few doses and you'll know (assuming the diagnosis of pancreatic exocrine deficiency is correct). Good luck! Read more...